Creekmama Oyster Knives and Charleston Hooker Grilling Tools

The “Creekmama” Bucket

4 – Knives
4 - Pair of Gloves
4 - Hand Towels
4 - Sauce Bowls

Engraving on one or both sides


The “Hamlin Creek” Bucket

2 – Knives
2 – Pair of Gloves
2 – Hand Towels
2 – Sauce Bowls

Engraving on one or both sides


The “Pluffmud” Bucket

1 – Knife
1 – Pair of Gloves
1 – Hand Towel
1 – Sauce Bowl

Engraving on one or both sides


The “Goat Island”

Wrapped with ribbon
1 – Knife
1 – Pair of Gloves
1 – Hand Towel

Engraving on one or both sides


Knife - Only

Includes Engraving on both sides


Charleston Butt Grabber

"Get your Boston Butt off the grill"
Lifting and carrying Boston Butts and other large cuts of meats.


Charleston Hooker (Large)

The perfect gift for the griller in your life.  A very fun and exciting way to turn poultry, fish and meat.  These locally hand crafted Hookers are made of brass and hand turned oak handles right here in the Holy City.
(measures at 15 inches)


Charleston Hooker (Small)

Great accessory in the kitchen for meat and bacon.  This is a little smaller than the larger Charleston Hooker.
(measures at 12 inches)


Charleston Shrimp Zipper

De Vein, De Shell, De Shrimp, one zip does it all!  Awesome tool to shell and de-vein shrimp.  Every shrimp lover gotta have!!


The Charleston Grilling Collection

The Gift Set includes the large Charleston Hooker, the small Charleston Hooker and the Butt Grabber; with local favorite BBQ sauce, hot pad and grilling glove in a galvanized pail.



Customize with an additional brass plate
attached to the opposite side of the handle for a $5.00 charge.
Example "Dad's Favorite Hooker" or "Joe's Hooker" etc.


Clear wrap for your bucket is available at no extra charge, please specify when ordering.




We also carry Carolina and Wilmington Hookers and Butt Grabbers.

Call or email if you have a special request!