Engraving Information for Trophies, Plaques, Clocks, Glass, Crystal & Acrylic Awards

Your Business is important to us, without it we would cease to exist.  We have essentially the same products as our competitors.  What sets us apart is our commitment to total customer satisfaction.  Let us show you what we can do for you and your organization through our professionalism and commitment to customer service not lip service.

Trophies:  You get 3 lines of engraving to include a name, team name and year at no additional charge.  Anything more will be worked out at the time you place your order.  Due to the size of the marble the maximum is 3 lines.

Plaques, Clocks, Glass, Crystal and Acrylic Awards:  Engraving will be determined based on the information you would like to have on your item. With plaques, clocks, and gift items the cost for basic engraving is included with the price of the piece(s) of your order.  Again, anything more than basic engraving will be negotiated at the time you place your order.  We will work with you to keep the cost affordable.

Rush Charges: Rush Charges are points of aggravation.  Everyone from time to time loses track of time or something comes up where at the last minute you or your organization decides you would like to have some sort of award or recognition to punctuate the occasion.  Our policy is if we can do the job we will,  if not we can't. It is just that simple.  We would like to have a couple of days notice especially for out of stock items.  But, if you need a basic plaque or trophy then we will do our best to accommodate you.

Engraving Accuracy Policy:  We guarantee our spelling to be accurate.  We will replace any misspelled engraving that we are responsible for at no cost to you.  In order to provide the best service to you, we ask that you double-check all names, addresses, etc. when you place your order with us.  We will engrave EXACTLY what you give us.  However, we understand that we are all human and "multitasking" is not everyone's forte.  Sometimes double and triple checking is not good enough especially after you have been up all night with a sick child or last minute homework you just learned about as you were preparing to leave the house for the day.  Bottom line………..we will work with you!

What we need when ordering custom items:

See the Medals website (click Medal icon above to link to website) for the item number when inquiring or ordering your choice of medal. We will also need;

1.    Size
2.    Quantity
3.    Finish - such as Gold, Antique Gold, Silver, Bronze
4.    Camera Ready Artwork in the form of " JPEG" or "TIF" files

Custom Logos:  We can do custom logos for your school, group, civic or military organization.  In fact our ability to do virtually anything, any shape, or any form is only limited by your imagination.  Logos normally run from $25 to $100 depending on the complexity.  But above all remember this; what you provide will determine the quality of the logo.  As stated above we will need your artwork to be in the form of a JPEG or TIFF file and for those art and graphic folks out there we will need either CorelDraw or Photoshop graphics.  If you are unable to secure these then just bring what you have and we will try to work it out for you.

A Word about Logos:  Some folks say "why should I pay to have a logo vectorized when I am only going to use it one time" or "Your logo service adds too much to the cost of my project." Please think in terms of this, once we have your logo on file we can engrave or laser your logo on virtually anything that will fit into our machines.  You pay for it once and that's it.  Marginal projects become spectacular with the addition of a logo or scene. Once again, we will work with you to design a cost effective project that is right for you.

If you need further information, please contact our office.