See below for details needed during the ordering process.

How To Order & Customize Your "Original Creekmama Knife"

Remember, there is no extra charge for engraving.  Please make every effort to give us the right initials in the right order and specify first, middle, last initial OR for small, large, small monogram format the large initial in the middle will be the person’s last name.

We have stock logos of most southeastern teams and schools.  Chances are we have your school, sorority, frat, and club or organization as we have a huge collection of logos and access to many more.  If we do not have what you are looking for, we will accommodate you for a nominal fee.   If you place a large order with us, the fee will be waived.

For initials, please specify if you would like BLOCK (all large initials, ex.  CMK) 


MONOGRAM (small first name initial, LARGE last name initial, small middle initial)

♦ We can only engrave first or last names due to the size of the engraving area on the oyster knife.